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Health Maintenance Services

Offering the Best Care for Your Pets

Health Maintenance Services of Corfu Veterinary Clinic

Corfu Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal clinic staffed by skilled, compassionate, and caring individuals. Beyond our comprehensive nose-to-tail wellness examinations, we offer a full range of veterinary services and surgeries. Whether your pet is a playful puppy or kitten, active adult dog or cat, or a senior pet entering his or her golden years, we use a personalized approach to high quality pet care based on your pet’s lifestyle and your expectations.

Internal Medicine

One of the most disheartening frustrations of dealing with a sick pet is that you cannot simply ask him or her what is wrong. To best uncover what is ailing our pet patients, Corfu Veterinary Clinic has invested in advanced diagnostic technology. When your pet is not well, we need to find out what is wrong. After performing a thorough examination, a series of diagnostic tests is often necessary in order to identify the medical condition. Once a condition has been diagnosed, all of our veterinarians are knowledgeable in and equipped to manage a multitude of diseases, including Addison’s, Cushing’s, Diabetes, and thyroid disorders. We try our best to balance the risks and gains of medications and procedures on all patients, especially geriatrics.

Allergies & Dermatology Services

Allergies are quite common in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds, often due to fleas, allergies can also be the result of food or an inhaled irritant like dust or pollen. Most allergies appear after the pet is six months of age with the majority of affected dogs over age two. The most common symptom associated with allergies is itching of the skin, either localized or generalized. Other symptoms include respiratory distress (coughing, sneezing, and wheezing) or digestive problems causing vomiting, flatulence, or diarrhea.

Flea allergy is the most common allergy in cats. A normal cat experiences only minor skin irritation at the site of the bite. The flea allergic cat, on the other hand, has a severe, itch-producing reaction when the flea's saliva is deposited in the skin. Just one bite causes such intense itching that the cat may severely scratch or chew itself, leading to hair loss and open sores or scabs on the skin. The area most commonly involved is over the rump or base of the tail.

It is important to be able to identify the first signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological conditions. These include:

  • Scratching, licking, chewing or biting the skin, feet and ears.
  • Red, raised, scaly areas on the skin
  • Bumps, crusts or pus filled vesicles on the skin
  • Increased skin pigmentation
  • Thickened skin
  • Loss of hair
  • Salivary staining (brown color)
  • Head shaking

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, please make an appointment to have him or her seen by one of our veterinarians at Corfu Veterinary Clinic. We will evaluate your pet, determine the most effective method of treatment, and explain how you can prevent future problems. If left untreated, allergic reactions and skin conditions can become serious medical concerns.

Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is a common condition in which the fluid pressure inside the eye increases, resulting in damage to the optic nerve, followed by loss of vision and blindness. There are two types of glaucoma. Primary/chronic glaucoma is hereditary or develops as your pet ages. Secondary/acute glaucoma develops as the result of an injury or illness. As secondary glaucoma can progress rapidly, it is considered an emergency situation.

Symptoms of glaucoma to look for include:

  • Redness in the eye
  • Tearing or discharge
  • Eye sensitivity to light
  • Pain
  • Cloudy-looking eye
  • Bulging eyeball

At Corfu Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians highly recommend routine glaucoma exams as part of your pet’s regular wellness care. The exam is not only an effective screening measure for chronic and acute glaucoma, it can also help set a baseline measurement of your pet’s normal intraocular pressure (IOP). Establishing an IOP baseline is important because the normal measurement can vary between species, breeds, and even individual pets. Screening is simple and noninvasive.

Health Maintenance Services of Corfu Veterinary Clinic

Reproductive Medicine

Whether you are an experienced breeder or you are breeding your pet for the first time, the veterinarians at Corfu Veterinary Clinic can help during all phases of the breeding process, from initial planning and consultation all the way through birth and post-natal nursing and management of associated diseases and complications.

We provide the following reproductive medical services for your pet:

  • Artificial insemination
  • Cesarean section
  • Pregnancy testing, x-rays and ultrasounds
  • Progesterone testing and interpretation
  • Vaginal cytology
  • Hormone monitoring
  • Neonatal care
  • …and we work with several breeders!