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Corfu Pet Owner Services

Pet Owner Services at Corfu Veterinary Clinic

In-House Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in-house veterinary pharmacy was designed with client convenience and pet health in mind. As your pet’s prescribing veterinarian, we can ensure that prescriptions are filled correctly, in the right form, and in the right dose as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Unlike veterinary practices which send their clients elsewhere to fill prescriptions, at Corfu Veterinary Clinic we are able to thoroughly discuss the medication, its usage, and any possible effects or interactions with other drugs it may lead to. We can even administer the first dosage in certain cases – or at least show you how. When it comes to the special medications for pets, no regular pharmacy can guarantee the same level of service.

We maintain a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry prescription pet foods. Prescription refills are now easier than ever – simply give us a call or submit a request online!

Client Counseling

At Corfu Veterinary Clinic, we understand the role that client education plays in the long-term good health of our pet patients. For this reason, we are happy to offer nutrition counseling to our clients.

Many pet owners may not realize the effects nutrition has on their pet’s organs or pre-existing conditions. We can discuss the ways in which nutrition affects the heart, respiratory and kidney diseases, osteoarthritis, and the urinary tract. We can also discuss special diets for obese pets and have a wide variety of prescription diets available.

We provide referrals for pets who may need behavioral counseling.

Microchip Pet Identification

Studies have shown that of the more than 10 million pets that go missing each year, approximately 90% of those found would never have been returned to their owner if they hadn't had some form of permanent pet identification. This is why we stand firm behind the belief that all pets should be microchipped.

We use the Avid microchip system and have seen two unique cases of microchips leading to happy reunions. In one case, we received a call from authorities in Florida who had found one of our former canine patients. The dog had escaped from its yard and was swimming in a pond with alligators! We were able to provide the owner’s cellphone number that we had on file and within an hour the thrill-seeking pooch and his owner were reunited. In another case, a client who was wintering in Arizona took his pet on a shopping and sightseeing trip across the border to Mexico. While he was in a store, his car was stolen – with the dog inside! The thief let the dog go at some point and it was later found wandering the streets. After having its microchip scanned by local authorities, we were called and a reunion at the Texas/Mexico border was soon to follow!

A simple procedure that takes less than one minute and causes your pet no more discomfort than a normal vaccine, can eliminate days, weeks, or months of worry if your pet should ever go missing. Once registered with your phone number and address, your pet can be identified quickly and easily by animal control officers, shelters or at veterinary hospitals around the world. Updating your personal information is easy and convenient and should be done whenever your contact information changes.

Pet Owner Services at Corfu Veterinary Clinic

Health Certificates

If you travel with your pet, Corfu Veterinary Clinic can provide interstate health certificates per the guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Our state veterinarians are available to do international health certificates if needed.

As each destination country has different requirements for your pet’s entry, you are responsible for supplying the list of requirements that need to be met for traveling. We can only accommodate the guidelines you provide and cannot assume any responsibility for those which may later be deemed unmet or for cases of quarantine, denial of entry, or costs incurred due to those unfulfilled requirements.

End-of-Life Services

To help ease the burden of saying goodbye and the confusion of knowing what to do after a pet has passed away, we offer a variety of services. We encourage you to speak with your veterinarian and include this end-of-life wish for your pet as part of his or her medical record before it becomes an urgent matter.

For more information about the client services that Corfu Veterinary Clinic offers or to schedule an appointment please give us a call at (585) 599-3148.