We value our clients' experience at Corfu Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire or call us at (585) 599–3148. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Mark Gardner

I have been bringing my dog to the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic since he was a puppy. He is 13 now. Everyone there is great. They are very kind and helpful and genuinely seem to care about my pets. We have several animals and they all go to the clinic. Everyone there knows Jack and treats him like he was their own. I recommend them to friends who are looking to change vets all the time. They are wonderful.

—Danielle McKenna

I have been a customer of the Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic for approximately 13 years. Having known Dr. Robinson for a number of years, when I bought my German Shorthair Pointer puppy (Gretl) I wanted to establish a relationship with a trusted professional. From our first visit, I felt confident Gretl was getting the best of care. We raised 2 litters of puppies, who also benefited from the care and professionalism that is an everyday occurrence at Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic.

As Gretl aged, she was diagnosed with arthritis; which was treated with a low dose medication allowing her to be as active as she always was. We were always provided information regarding the treatments and medications during her treatments.

In November of 2015, Gretl suffered a stroke. At nearly 13 years old, I knew we were going to have to make a tough decision. Two days later, we had her euthanized. The level of compassion and care for Gretl and myself that day were nothing less than admirable. I am forever gratefully to the entire staff for all of the kindness shown to us.

I will have another Shorthair and when that time comes, our only choice for her care will be Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic.


My dog Gracie has been a patient of the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic for eight years. Whether her visits have been for routine care, or other issues that have arisen, I know Gracie is in the best hands with Dr. Robinson and his staff. The patience and compassion of the Technicians and Receptionists is remarkable! The knowledge and experience of Dr. Robinson gives me great comfort and confidence in the care Gracie receives.

—Mike Obgnibene

For over a decade, Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic has been our family vet, caring for our Alaskan Malamutes. From the birth of over six litters, through adolescence, prime of life, and senior life the doctors and staff have provided the highest level of professional care rendered with compassion and sensitivity. We have trusted the doctors and staff with over 4 generations of our Malamutes and will continue to trust them for the care of all our future generations."

—Maria and Rolfe Dinwoodie, Snobuc Alaskan Malamutes

Our family pets have been patients of Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic since 2003 when we discovered our long time Doctor, Dr. Barbara Scheffler, had moved to a new clinic. Dr. James Robinson, Dr. Barbara Scheffler, and Dr. Mark Gardner have provided magnificent care to our family pets. Their compassion, attention to detail, physical exam skills and diagnostic abilities are unmatched in the Western New York area. They have always been patient when any questions arise, accommodating during our times of need (even opening the clinic WELL BEFORE business hours when we have had an emergency), and compassionate during our times of loss (they are the only vet clinic I know of that sent a sympathy package with the loss of a loved one). Their service to pets and their families has set the bar so high I do not think it will ever be reached by another clinic! We will always be members of Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic!

—The McCabe Family, Lancaster, NY

We have been using the Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic for almost 8 years. Everyone there from the front desk, the vet techs, and the doctors, have always been kind, efficient and very helpful. We have always been able to make appointments in a reasonable time and have never had to wait more than a few minutes. We have had new puppy visits, allergy problems and surgery on a twelve year old lab.

I highly recommend this veterinary clinic.

—Maggie Halterman

When we were looking for a new vet for our new puppy, We Googled vets and the reviews led me to Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic. We love them! Everyone is so friendly and very helpful. Dr. Mark saved my George (bull mastiff mix) from cancer. Even through the tough recovery, everyone was great and we were there quite often. George loves the girls! He has to give them kisses every time we're there. We get his nails done every month so George can see everyone. I never had a dog love the vet as much as Georgie does. They make it so easy, they care so much!

—Kim, Mark and "George", Alden, NY

I have been going to Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic with my dogs since they completed building the facility, and actually prior to that when Dr. Robinson and his wife, Lori were at a different facility. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Dr. Robinson, Lori, and his staff as they are such special people who are truly dedicated to taking GREAT care of your pets. While no one wants to go to the Vet, they are such special people that it is never a bad experience. I feel like a family member when I go there as the staff is so kind and caring and they really do go the "extra mile" to make sure that you and your pet are recognized immediately when you enter the premises and actually become your "friend" over time And this takes place even before you see one of the Vets. No matter who you see, they will take the time to explain what is going on, how to take care of your pet to help them get better, and to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your pet.... Because I have been going there so long now, we have had to have some of our pets put down and even during those most stressful times, they take the time to show you compassion and take care of your needs in a manner that is so comforting to you. I cannot say enough good things about everyone affiliated with the clinic and as stated, they treat me like family and I am forever grateful that they are such caring and special people.

—Keith O'Brien

People don't usually write about a consumer experience because it takes a bit of effort. I am no different. However, sometimes you just have to take that effort and give credit where credit is due.

My wife Sandy and I are the proud owners of Gracie and Georgia, a Shepherd mix, and a Golden Retriever respectively. We love them as much as people can love their pet.

I have also been a very happy customer of Corfu-Darien Veterinarian Clinic for several years. I have owned dogs for a good part of my life, so I have decades of experience with which to make comparisons of other veterinary facilities.

I've often compared the experience of taking your dog to the vet, to taking your car to a mechanic. I probably know more about a car than canine anatomy, but still not enough to evaluate if the vet or the mechanic is being reasonable and honest with me. Funny thing about a dog as compared to a car, is that for most pet lovers, the damage is to your heart and not just to your wallet. As previously stated, this wasn't my first rodeo with pets. I have had the experiences with several veterinary practices where you were always questioning if every procedure that you were being told about needed to be done? I've always respected the heck out of the veterinary and pediatric professions because they really have to earn their keep because they have to "figure things out" about your pet or your babies health. That also means that we as consumers are pretty ignorant because like babies, dogs can't tell you what's wrong. This does create a situation of vulnerability that can easily be capitalized on.

As a beloved member of the family, you will do everything that you are capable of doing to keep your dog(s) healthy, but even that, as everyone knows, has its limits. Working with Corfu-Darien never has me wondering if I am spending any money unnecessarily. There's a certain comfort in knowing that your vet has as much love and interest in your pets wellbeing as you have. I could probably laud the fact that on a per procedure basis, they are more reasonable than anyone I've ever seen. I am sometimes shocked at how reasonable it was to get the great quality care. I personally wouldn't be offended if I had to pay more for their services because they do deserve it. However, there's something a lot more important than being able to save money, and that is the 100% trust I have that what they are telling me is 100% Gospel. As much weight as I put in trust, the professionalism and warmth of ALL staff members is hard to overlook. They execute this professionalism without being stuffy. They all seem to have a sincerely deep affection for animals, where in other clinics there was sometimes a factory feel that made a traumatic situation worse.

After dozens of interactions with Corfu-Darien, I cannot give enough Kudos to them for not only the unquestionable quality of care they've provided my babies over the years, but for helping me remember that there is still rock solid integrity out there in the world. I am so interested in their success, that I am providing my email if someone has a simple question I can answer. I do this because I want them to thrive to help others like they've helped us. As stated earlier, sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. I probably should have written this letter a long time ago.

—John Gostkowski, Williamsville, NY

I have been a client for the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic since Jim Robinson opened the business many years ago. As a professional trainer for over 50 years, I expect and demand the best care I can obtain for my dogs. I can confidently expect professional treatment and education concerning the healthy welfare of my animals with a very experienced and caring support staff to take care of follow up scheduling, dispensing medications and proper billing. I highly recommend this business as a place to have confidence on all my dogs current and future health needs. As they continue to grow, the caring and professional attitude is quite obvious from the time you call for the first appointment. The staff is dedicated to the principles and personal attention Dr. Robinson established from day one.

—Jim Beverly, Retriever Training by Jim Beverly, retrievertrainer.com

I am so grateful to live nearby this wonderful clinic. The staff and Doctors at Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic are so considerate, caring, and knowledgeable. They all show their love for animals. My dogs love going there as they are greeted with hugs and kisses. I am a breeder and I can go on about all the wonderful things they have done for us, instead I will just say that I recommend them to anyone that is in need of help for their pets.

—Donna Schafer, DC Boxers

We are so happy with the wonderful care that our dogs Pixie and Pookie receive at the Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic. The ladies at the front desk are so sweet, kind and helpful; and the doctors and technicians do an excellent job of keeping our dear pets healthy!

—Bruce Engelhart

Since coming to the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic, I was really impressed by the friendliness your staff showed to me and to my 2 dogs. You show a deep concern for their health and wellbeing and provide great advice over the phone and in person during vet visits. The doctors that work there are truly down to earth and offer the best advice/treatment for our pets while keeping costs in mind. I've had dental work performed there for both my dogs and recently had one of them in for acupuncture treatments which made a difference in her ability to walk better. I would recommend this place to anyone who loves their pets as much as I do and you can feel safe knowing that they will be in good hands with the quality doctors and friendly/helpful staff that work there. Keep up the good work and God Bless. . .

—Brian Tobin

I can't say enough great things about this vet. The receptionists are always smiling and professional. Every single vet there listens, and answers ALL my questions. They never judge me as a pet owner, and they are open to other alternatives to medicine such as holistic and herbal. As a foster mom to cats and dogs, they are ever so helpful and caring to each and every pet I bring through their doors. Thank you Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic for loving all my pets and fosters as I do!

—Andre Miller, Open Arms Rescue of Western New York Foster Mom

My family has used Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic for 20 years and we can't say enough about Dr. Robinson and staff. We just love them! What a business they are running there and it shows because people don't hesitate to drive from all over to go there even if it takes them an hour. Being in business myself with grooming, boarding and breeding, finding a good Vet at a great price was a must! They have a very clean facility and updated equipment and do a very thorough job looking over your pet as to not miss anything. I am blown away on how compassionate, loving and caring they all are! It doesn't matter what situation we present to them whether it be an emergency or routine checkup, they are very knowledgeable and we trust them! I am always highly recommending them to all my clients. Other than Dr. Robinson, he has several other Vets working for him and a special thanks to Dr. Mark Gardner for all he has done!

—The Acquards

I have been taking my dogs to the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic for over 10 years. Everyone who works there truly love what they do and it shows. The girls at the front desk are always pleasant and helpful, whether you are there or talking to them over the phone. The doctors give people and their pets reassurance and nothing but the best care. I cannot say enough good things about the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic, they are just so wonderful and I am so happy that my dogs and I can rely on them at anytime. On another note, owning a dog grooming salon for 7 years, I have seen all sorts of treatment from Vets all across Western New York. I feel 100% confident in referring Corfu Vet Clinic to my clients, which I have done so throughout the many years. All of my clients I have referred to them have been nothing but happy. If anything they all wish they knew about the Corfu Darien Vet Clinic a lot sooner.

—Kelly Borrello

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