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UPDATE 10/26/2020

With the colder weather upon us we will be changing our COVID 19 Procedure.  Please note the below changes when arriving for your appointment or to pick up a medication or food.  

*When you arrive for an appointment with one of our doctors, please park as you normally would in the right side of the lot.  Please call or text 585-993-7178.  Our staff will respond via text to let you know when you are able to come into the building via the front door with steps.  We do ask that you not bring anyone extra to your appointment unless they are able to wait in the vehicle.  In order to provide the recommended social distancing we are not able to allow everyone in to the building.  If you have multiple pets and need assistance bringing them in, you may bring an additional person to help you.  Everyone MUST wear a mask the entire time you are in the building.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

*When you arrive for an appointment with one of our technicians or to drop off a pet for a procedure or surgery, please park in our Curbside parking on the left side of the lot in front of the ramp.  Call or text 585-993-7178 to let us know you have arrived and a staff member will instruct you when you are able to enter the building via the ramp.  Please be patient for we are only able to allow so many in at one time.

*When you arrive to pick up a medication or food please pull into our Curbside Parking to the left of the lot in front of the ramp.  Call or text 585-993-7178.  Our staff will let you know when you are able to enter the building via the ramp.  If you are planning to pay by credit card it is very helpful to call and pay for when you order or before you arrive. 

We understand it has been a difficult time for everyone.  We will do our best to make your experience here at Corfu Vet the best we can.  Please be patient, for at times multiple clients will be calling/texting upon their arrival.  We will get to each of you in a timely matter.  If you are calling in and we are on with another client please text or call back in a few minutes and we will assist you.  If you do not have a cellphone please walk up to the front door and knock when you arrive and we will assist you.  We appreciate your business and continued support.

Pet Emergency? Call us right away at (585) 599–3148!

At Corfu Veterinary Clinic in Corfu, New York, we sincerely care about you and your four-legged family members. We understand that choosing a veterinarian is no different than choosing a pediatrician for your child. That’s why we’ve been devoted to providing quality medicine with a personal touch to pets in Corfu and its surrounding communities since 1997.

Your pets deserve caring veterinarians and staff who provide a professional and friendly atmosphere along with services that keep your budget in mind—we believe that quality veterinary care should never be out of reach.

At Corfu Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Dr. Mark Gardner
Corfu Veterinarian | Corfu Veterinary Clinic | (585) 599–3148

9770 Snipery Rd.
Corfu, NY 14036

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Mark F. Gardner

    Since a young age, Dr. Mark Gardner had an interest in becoming a veterinarian. Growing up in southern New York, his experiences with his Veterinarian uncle, Dr. Mike Gardner, sparked his interest in animal medicine.

  • Dr.
    James R. Robinson

    Dr. James Robinson and his wife Lori opened Corfu Veterinary Clinic nearly two decades ago, on July 15, 1997, and he still looks forward to coming to work every day. Now that he is semi retired, Dr.Robinson works Mondays, early mornings on weekdays and relief for Veterinarians on vacation.

  • Dr.
    Barbara D. Scheffler

    For Dr. Barbara Scheffler, becoming a veterinarian has been a lifelong journey in her father's footsteps. Her father was a graduate of Cornell University and worked as a small animal veterinarian in Buffalo for more than 50 years. She fondly recalls accompanying him on emergency calls late at night and on the weekend, and working at his clinic while in high school and college.

  • Dr.
    Nicole Kelver

    Dr. Nicole Kelver joined the medical team at Corfu Veterinary Clinic in August 2016. Growing up on a farm in Sheldon, New York, she was motivated to become a veterinarian by watching her own animals being cared for. When someone told Dr. Kelver that becoming a veterinarian was difficult, she decided that she was up for the challenge.

  • Dr.
    Brooke Beatty

    Dr. Beatty has been our veterinarian here since June of 2017. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Some of her professional vet interests include soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology (specialized in medical and surgical eye disease), and pet behavior. Growing up in northern New York in the small town of Russell, Dr. Beatty has grown up around animals of all shapes and sizes and has always wanted to pursue her passion of being a veterinarian.

  • Dr. Lindsay Edwards

    Coming Soon...

  • Dr. Kathleen Kivi

    Coming Soon...


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I have been bringing my dog to the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic since he was a puppy. He is 13 now. Everyone there is great. They are very kind and helpful and genuinely seem to care about my pets. We have several animals and they all go to the clinic. Now that my dog, Jack, has arthritis and some mobility issues, I have been taking him there for acupuncture every week. It really seems to help him. Everyone there knows Jack and treats him like he was their own. I recommend them to friends who are looking to change vets all the time. They are wonderful."
    —Danielle McKenna
  • "My dog Gracie has been a patient of the Corfu-Darien Vet Clinic for eight years. Whether her visits have been for routine care, or other issues that have arisen, I know Gracie is in the best hands with Dr. Robinson and his staff. The patience and compassion of the Technicians and Receptionists is remarkable! The knowledge and experience of Dr. Robinson gives me great comfort and confidence in the care Gracie receives."
    —Mike Obgnibene
  • "For over a decade, Corfu-Darien Veterinary Clinic has been our family vet, caring for our Alaskan Malamutes. From the birth of over six litters, through adolescence, prime of life, and senior life the doctors and staff have provided the highest level of professional care rendered with compassion and sensitivity. We have trusted the doctors and staff with over 4 generations of our Malamutes and will continue to trust them for the care of all our future generations.""
    —Maria and Rolfe Dinwoodie

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